Automate Type2Phone

If you prefer to use a keyboard to type on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV but don’t want to actually buy one, Type2Phone will allow you to use your Mac instead. Not only did you not need to buy an extra keyboard, but you also have one less keyboard cluttering up your desk.

Using your Mac as a keyboard has many more advantages:

  • Copy-paste text to your device (command-shift-v)
  • Use Mac OS X dictation
  • Set up custom keyboard shortcuts
  • Quickly switch between Mac and iPhone. Just command-tab

There is much more you can do by combining the power of Type2Phone with that of other utilities on your Mac.

Thanks to Type2Phone, you can use your TextExpander snippets while typing on your mobile device.

Copy-paste passwords from 1Password on Mac to where they are needed on iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.

Set up your favorite launcher (e.g. LaunchBar) to quickly open or switch to Type2Phone. Start typing. Type2Phone will automatically reconnect to the most recently used device.

Use AppleScript to connect to specific devices. Use FastScripts or Keyboard Maestro to invoke these scripts using keyboard shortcuts.

tell application "Type2Phone"
    reconnect "iPhone"
end tell

Use AppleScript to send text or raw USB HID key codes to your device:

tell application "Type2Phone"
    send "Hello, you fool, I love you"
    sendKeyCode 74
end tell

Check the Type2Phone AppleScript dictionary for more options.