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Improve your Sudoku Uno skills by accepting the occasional hint. Sudoku Uno gives you the reasoning behind hints so that you can learn and apply new solving techniques.

Sudoku Uno includes a powerful solver. Unlike most Sudoku solvers, Sudoku Uno solely relies on human logic. It does not brute force the game to find a solution. Instead it applies that same techniques you would apply.

This gives Sudoku Uno the unique ability to explain the reasoning behind the hints it gives you. When you ask Sudoku Uno for a hint your are not (only) cheating. You can actually improve your skills by learning the techniques used to solve Sudoku grids.

With its smart solving engine, Sudoku Uno can create a seemingly unlimited number of fresh grids for you to work on. Having used only human logic to create the grids, Sudoku Uno can guarantee that the grids are solvable. Since it knows which techniques are needed to solve a particular board, it can also accurately judge the difficulty level.

Sudoku Uno / Duo games for iPhone and iPad are currently available for free on the Apple App Store. No ads. No strings attached.

Sudoku Uno for Mac is available at a bargain from the Mac App Store: