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Save Aperture / iPhoto Places geotags to EXIF

Apple has announced plans to cease development of Aperture. Corel and Adobe have already started courting photography enthusiasts and professionals with their respective photo management and editing products.

Before moving away from Aperture you will want to safeguard geotags currently stored with Aperture Places. HoudahGeo can copy these to industry-standard EXIF / XMP tags embedded within your JPEG or RAW image files. There geotags will be available for other photo management and editing tools to pick up.

Copying geotags to EXIF / XMP is easy with HoudahGeo:

  1. Drag Aperture photos from the HoudahGeo media browser to the Images list
  2. Skip (click OK) Camera Setup. Accurate time is needed only for automatic geocoding
  3. Use the toolbar button to switch to Output mode
  4. Select “EXIF / XMP Export”
  5. Check “Tag masters / originals”. Optionally check “Create copies”
  6. Uncheck the option to export timestamps
  7. Click OK