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Select several filter values

Tembo helps you sort through search results by providing context-sensitive filters. The drill-down views for different groups show different filters. Most filters provide a list of values found in the current search results. Select a value to see only results matching that value.

E.g. the filter sidebar for the Documents group list file types. The PDF Documents group can be filtered by author. Images can be filtered by resolution and file type. Etc.

You may not always know if the file you are looking for is of the old Microsoft Word 97 – 2004 ( .doc ) or newer Office Open XML Word ( .docx ) type.

In the filter sidebar, click Microsoft Word 97 – 2004. Tembo now only shows older Word files. Hold down the command ( Apple ) key as you click Office Open XML Word. Both values are now selected. Tembo shows both types of Word files.

The same technique works for all list-type filter: file type, resolution, author, domain, etc.