Find and organize video files using HoudahSpot

With HoudahSpot, it is easy to search your hard drive for media files. Just set the Content Kind criterion to Audio, Image, or Video – and HoudahSpot will look for files of the type specified.

If you’ve ever been looking for a specific photograph, you may have already used the pre-installed sample template named “My Photos”. It lists criteria that come in handy when searching images, like pixel count.

When searching for specific video files, other criteria come into play, e.g. duration, video codec or bit rates. We have prepared a template for HoudahSpot 4 that helps you sort through your moving images: the Video template is available for download here. It is pre-configured with a set of criteria and results columns that relate to video files. Continue reading Find and organize video files using HoudahSpot

Geotag photos for the Apple Photos application

This post no longer applies to Apple Photos 2.0 under macOS 10.12 Sierra. HoudahGeo 5.1 can now add location information to photos in the Photos library.

The most common workflow for geotagging photos with HoudahGeo is:

  1. Import photos into iPhoto or Aperture
  2. Geocode the photos using HoudahGeo
  3. Write geotags to the original image files
  4. Notify iPhoto or Aperture of the newly added geotags

The new Apple Photos application lacks the programmatic interface needed for HoudahGeo to notify it of changes made to geotags.

Until this issue is resolved, we recommend that you geotag your photos before importing them into the Photos library.

Continue reading Geotag photos for the Apple Photos application