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Use the Mail template to find e-mails in Apple Mail

According to research, e-mail users send and receive an average of 122 business e-mails per day. And the amount is bound to increase in the future. To find specific information in the haystack of archived e-mail data can be a difficult task.

In order to get to the messages you’re looking for, you might need to combine different kind of information. For users of Apple’s Mail software, HoudahSpot provides a search template pre-configured with a set of e-Mail specific criteria attributes like Author, Recipients, Subject, Text Content etc.

To find this “Apple Mail Messages” search template, go to “Templates” > “Sample Templates”, and select it from the list. Or select the template directly from the sidebar.

Email Search Template

Use this template as a starting point or inspiration to create your own templates. If a template proves particularly useful to you, you might want to keep it handy in the Dock.