Run Case Sensitive Searches

Searching files with HoudahSpot is always case insensitive. This means that a search for “house”, a search for “House” or a search for “HOUSE” will return the same results. HoudahSpot does not distinguish between upper and lower case letters.

If you need to run a search that respects the case, you can do this using the mdfind command in the Terminal app. HoudahSpot will help you with the Spotlight query syntax. Continue reading Run Case Sensitive Searches

Photos on a Map in Google Photos

Google Photos has a pretty nice way of displaying your geotagged photos, with a map and other metadata info. In Google Maps, click on the “i” in the menu bar. A sidebar containing information will appear.

Google Photos with Info

This feature is especially nice for sharing photos with family and friends. If you want them to see where your photos were taken, you’ll need to make sure the setting “Remove geo location in items shared by link” is off. Continue reading Photos on a Map in Google Photos

Start a Tembo file search from Alfred, Butler, or LaunchBar

Tembo implements a custom URL scheme. Use this to start searches from third party tools like Alfred, Butler, or LaunchBar.

Tembo 2.0 search URLs have the following format:


Such URLs can be invoked by any application, browser, launcher, script, etc. In this article we will look at setting up a custom search in Alfred.

Continue reading Start a Tembo file search from Alfred, Butler, or LaunchBar