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See the Total Size of a Folder

The HoudahSpot File Info window shows information about the currently selected search result. For folders, this includes the total size of all items contained within.

It is quite easy to use HoudahSpot to inspect other files or folders. Simply drag a file or a folder from Finder, from HoudahSpot, or any other application onto the File Info window.

You can use this technique to see the total size of a parent folder of a file you have found using HoudahSpot.

  1. Select File Info from the Window menu in HoudahSpot
  2. Click and drag a folder from the path at the bottom of the window
  3. Drop the folder onto the File Info window
  4. HoudahSpot will compute the total size of all files in the folder

In a previous blog post, we used HoudahSpot to find large and recently added files. Once you have found such a file, you may want to use the File Info window to have a closer look at its parent folders.

In the above video, you see iPhone applications using 33 GB of disk space on my Mac. I ought to do some housekeeping in iTunes!