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Select App to Launch When Connecting a Camera

Connecting a camera, a memory card, or your iPhone to your Mac usually triggers the launch of a photography related application like iPhoto, Apple Photos, Aperture, or Lightroom.

If you want to change this behavior, do the following:

  1. Connect your device or memory card
  2. Open the Image Capture application (pre-installed with OS X)
  3. Select your device on the left side of the window
  4. Click the triangle on the bottom left corner
  5. From the pop-up menu, select the application you want to launch when this device is connected. You can also opt for no application to open

App Launch on Camera connect

Users of Apple Photos who intend to geocode their images in HoudahGeo might consider to select Image Capture as application to launch when connecting a camera. Since Apple Photos lacks the programmatic interface for HoudahGeo to communicate with the app, we recommend the following workflow:

  1. Import Photos with Image Capture
  2. Geocode with HoudahGeo and write EXIF/XMP geotags
  3. Import Photos to Apple Photos

For more information, see also “Geotag photos for the Apple Photos application