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Incremental Photo Geocoding Using Maps

Manually geocoding a long list of photos can be daunting. With HoudahGeo it’s a snap. Follow the workflow outlined below and you’ll be done in no time.

The workflow takes advantage of the fact that the distance travelled between two photos is often rather short and easy to retrace. Once you have determined the location of the first photo, you just need to make incremental adjustments to geocode subsequent photos. It takes but a nudge to the map and a click for each photo.

The map in HoudahGeo’s Process mode adapts to different uses. For manual geocoding, we recommend the following settings and workflow:

  • Switch the map to Geocode mode. A toolbar appears below the map
  • From the settings button in that toolbar, enable the Automatically Proceed to Next Image and Automatically Jump to Selection options. Disable the Automatically Sync Map and Image Locations option
  • Select the first photo in your project. If the image has coordinates, the map will jump to that location
  • Drag the map or pin to make adjustments
  • Use the Geocode (down arrow) button to apply the adjusted location to the image
  • HoudahGeo will then proceed to the next image
  • If that image lacks coordinates, HoudahGeo will keep the map centered on the previous location. You just need to make the adjustments needed to reflect the distance travelled between the two photos
  • Use the Geocode button to apply the location to the image
  • Repeat to apply locations with incremental adjustments to a series of photos