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Drag-and-Drop Photo Geocoding

When you remember where you took a photo, wouldn’t it be great if you could geocode it by simply dropping it on a map?

In HoudahGeo 5, you can do just that. In the video demo, I am geocoding a series of photos taken at Taj Mahal. I distinctly remember walking from bag check to the great gate. On the way, I took a few photos as the majestic site revealed itself.

I have loaded the photos into HoudahGeo and switched to the Process mode. At the top of the window, I now have a map. Below is the list of images. To the right, I see a preview of the currently selected image.

The first photo was taken just after passing bag check. I looked back over the outer wall. To place the photo, I grab it from the list of images and drag it to the map where I drop it onto the path leading from the entrace to the plaza in front of the great gate.

The second photo was taken just a few steps down the path. That’s where I drop it onto the map. I repeat the process for the remaining photos.

The last photo was taken on the other side of the main gate. The preview shows a slightly angled view of Taj Mahal. That tells me that I stood a few steps to the right of the center alley.

Working from memory and from landmarks seen in the pictures, I am able to quickly and accurately place the photos.