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HoudahSpot and ForkLift

Recent updates improve the integration between Houdah Software’s HoudahSpot and BinaryNights’ ForkLift.

HoudahSpot is a file search tool that helps Mac users organize files and finds these if they did not.

ForkLift is an advanced dual pane file manager and file transfer client for macOS. With ForkLift you can browse, manage, and organize files. ForkLift can access remote volumes, sync folders, and much more


The Search in HoudahSpot command in ForkLift allows you to start a HoudahSpot search focussed on the folder you are currently browsing in ForkLift. It is found in the Commands menu.

This tool makes use of HoudahSpot’s custom URL scheme. It can be customized from the Commands > Manage Tools… menu item. Refer to the ForkLift User Manual for more details about custom tools. The HoudahSpot User Guide describes the various options of the houdahspot4:// URL scheme.

Screenshot: ForkLift. Search in HoudahSpot
ForkLift Commands Menu: Search in HoudahSpot


The Reveal in ForkLift command in HoudahSpot reveals the selected files in the ForkLift file browser. Here you can take actions on the files. You can, for example, use ForkLift’s dual pane browser to copy or upload the files to a different location.

The Show Info in ForkLift command in HoudahSpot shows the file information window in ForkLift. Here you can see various properties of a file and adjust ownership and permissions.

The Reveal in ForkLift and Show Info in ForkLift commands are found in the Results menu in HoudahSpot. The commands are also available from the context menu on search results.

Screenshot: context menu
Context Menu: Reveal in ForkLift

ForkLift as Default File Browser

The ForkLift application can be set as the default file browser.  It then acts as a Finder replacement.

In this setup, the Reveal in Finder and Show Info in Finder commands in HoudahSpot automatically call upon ForkLift rather than Finder. HoudahSpot then no longer shows the now redundant menu items specific to ForkLift.