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What’s New in HoudahGeo 6.0

This week we released HoudahGeo 6.0, and we’re really excited about it!

We have distilled years of customer feedback and feature requests into one big upgrade that you will love.

HoudahGeo 6.0 brings so many enhancements for your geotagging workflow that we could not possibly list all of them. Here are a couple of highlights:

Support for JPEG + RAW Pairs

Some cameras can save two versions of the same photo: a JPEG and a RAW file.

HoudahGeo 6.0 recognizes such pairs and handles them as a single image. During EXIF / XMP export, HoudahGeo will update both files with the same information.

Easy Import from Apple Photos

Have you just worked with your photos and have them already selected in the Photos application?

Skip the HoudahGeo media browser. Select Add Images from Apple Photos Selection from the Load menu. HoudahGeo will get the selected images from the Photos application and import these into your geotagging project.

XMP Sidecar Strategies

During EXIF / XMP export, you can choose to use, ignore, or create XMP sidecar files.

In HoudahGeo 6.0, you can use separate strategies for handling sidecars to JPEG and RAW files.

Our #1 Feature Request: EXIF Time Zone

You can now specify the time zone HoudahGeo uses to write dates and times to EXIF / XMP metadata. This determines how times appear in the metadata.

When you forgot to set your camera clock, photo metadata shows times that appear to be hours off. HoudahGeo can update dates and times to match the local time.

Migrate Away From Aperture

HoudahGeo 6.0 can help with migrating away from Apple Aperture and generally future-proof location metadata.

HoudahGeo now imports much more location data from the recesses of Apple media libraries. It can then write that metadata to EXIF / XMP tags where it remains permanently bonded to image files.

“Automagic” Camera Clock Setup

HoudahGeo needs to know about your camera clock settings. With this information, it can make sense of the dates and times written to your photos.

In HoudahGeo 6.0, you can now point out a location on a GPS track log and tell HoudahGeo which photo you took at that location. HoudahGeo will then figure out the camera clock settings. This will allow it to place the remaining photos along the track.

“Lift & Stamp” Metadata

The reworked “Places” feature and the new “Lift & stamp” tool make it easy to add, copy, and paste common location information and other metadata.

For example, a place named “home” can be set up to add location names to photos without altering their exact coordinates. Similarly, you can copy information such as description and keywords from one photo to other photos in your project.

Weather Data and SCUBA Dive Depth

HoudahGeo 6.0 can record weather information as well as depth below water in photo metadata. It can read this information from Kestrel weather log files and from UDDF SCUBA dive logs.

Smaller Refinements

HoudahGeo flags images whose latitude and longitude coordinates have changed. These are the images that need exporting.

In addition to the country name, HoudahGeo can now write the country ISO code. A button in the text entry fields for county name and code has HoudahGeo look up the code from the name.

A button in the text entry fields for latitude and longitude allows you to paste in coordinates from various sources.

HoudahGeo shows a badge next to images where it found time zone information in EXIF / XMP metadata. Click the badge to set HoudahGeo to use or ignore that information.