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HoudahGeo 6.0 Video Tutorial

Todd Olthoff of ScreenCastsOnline takes you on a tour of HoudahGeo 6.

HoudahGeo 6 is an application packed with features to help geocode and add metadata to your photos. With its simple steps of Load, Process, and Output; with all of the features packed in each of these steps HoudahGeo is the application that could start your entire photo workflow and it is the first application that launches when I load my photos to make sure I have all of the metadata embedded in the images themselves so that that data will follow the photo into any photo management application I choose to use.

Todd walks you through the various ways to get photos into HoudahGeo and then covers all of the steps from geocoding, over exporting metadata, to sharing and publishing. Todd does an excellent job describing the many features and finer details. We recommend all HoudahGeo users watch this tutorial.

Below is a short preview. Watch the full show for free with a 7-day trial ScreenCastsOnline subscription.

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The full tutorial covers:

Along the way, Todd shares a few tips like the idea to use Google StreetView – another great way to get orientation – as a way to check your position and vantage point.

Again, the HoudahGeo video tutorial can be accessed by anyone once they have signed up for a no-obligation free trial membership. There are links on that page to sign up for the trial membership.