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Hook-ed on Files

Hook by CogSci Apps lets you create links between your documents, emails, web pages, and notes. On the Internet, links between web pages allow you to discover related content and navigate a vast sea of documents. Likewise, Hook puts files into order on your Mac.

Much like HoudahSpot, Hook is a productivity tool in the guise of a utility. Rather than solve problems you wouldn’t have without a computer, these tools empower your Mac to help you get your work done.

Of course, HoudahSpot and Hook work great together.

What Can Hook Do for Me?

Hook creates connections between documents. But what can you use these for? Much more than we can put in words here. Nonetheless, we will show you a few examples.

For more use cases, check out the videos on the Hook website. Download the trial version and see how Hook best fits into your workflow. 

Link Files With Hook

Imagine working on a document. It probably relates to other documents or has sources that you reference. You jump over to HoudahSpot to find these sources. But what about the next time you return to the document? Will you need to look up the references again? Wouldn’t it be great if you could link your work to its sources? With Hook, you can. Bring up the Hook window with a keystroke and see all files and web pages that you have linked to the current document.

Bookmark Everything

Hook creates links that you can paste into your tool of choice: a note, a mind map, a reminder, etc. Now your notes can tie together piles of files in a structured center point for your current project.

Imagine planning your next vacation – finally! You collect information on the places to visit. Your notes on places can link to information about sights to see. You can, of course, link to web pages. You can just as easily link to other notes, emails, or scanned documents. Hook even allows you to link to a specific page in a PDF file.

Bidirectional Links

Two-way links allow you to hook documents together. You could, for example, pair up design documents with client requests. Bring up Hook with a keystroke to jump from the request to the design and from the design back to the request.

Whatever profession you are in, there is time you can save with Hook.

Using Hook With HoudahSpot

Hook works on files in the Finder, files that are open, web pages in a browser, emails in mail apps, and other types of content. In HoudahSpot, Hook works with the selected file in search results.

Press the configurable keyboard shortcut (⇧⌘SPACE by default) to bring up the Hook window.

Hook will show files connected to the currently selected search result. From the Hook window, you can copy a link (⌘C)  to the selected file. Paste this link into any document, note, email, or mind map.

You can also use the copied link to hook files together with bidirectional links. Select the file you want to connect to, bring up the Hook window and hook that file to the copied link (⌘V).