HoudahSpot & Tembo – What are the differences?

Apple’s Spotlight stores a great deal of useful information about your Mac’s files. Much more than the Spotlight Menu lets you easily access. Both HoudahSpot and Tembo are file-finding programs which make use of Spotlight data, but do so in a much sleeker and more powerful way. Actually, two very different sleek, powerful ways!Let’s take a look at the difference between the two programs.

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Automate HoudahSpot

This post refers to HoudahSpot 3. There have been major improvements to Apple Script and URL actions in HoudahSpot 4. Please refer to the User Guide for details.

HoudahSpot integrates nicely with your automated workflows. Use the custom URL scheme to start HoudahSpot searches from third party tools like LaunchBar and Alfred. Use AppleScript to access search results and build more advanced workflows.

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Customize the display of file label colors

This post refers to HoudahSpot 3. HoudahSpot 4 can show up to three tag colors for each file. It always displays them in much the same way as Finder.

By default, HoudahSpot’s list view matches the Finder’s way of displaying file label colors. I.e. it uses a colored dot next to the file name on Mavericks. On older versions of Mac OS X, it colors the background of the row in the list.

A hidden preference lets you revert to the old style or use the new style on older versions of Mac OS X.

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