Custom keyboard shortcuts on Mac OS X

On Mac OS X it is easy to set custom keyboard shortcuts for just about any menu item. Still this great feature is often overlooked.

  • Don’t like one of the default keyboard shortcuts in HoudahSpot?
  • Find yourself using the same HoudahGeo menu item over and over again?
  • Do you want to switch the From: account without having to reach for the mouse?

Learn how to set up custom keyboard shortcuts for menu items in any Mac OS X application.

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Automate Type2Phone

If you prefer to use a keyboard to type on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV but don’t want to actually buy one, Type2Phone will allow you to use your Mac instead. Not only did you not need to buy an extra keyboard, but you also have one less keyboard cluttering up your desk.

Using your Mac as a keyboard has many more advantages:

  • Copy-paste text to your device (command-shift-v)
  • Use Mac OS X dictation
  • Set up custom keyboard shortcuts
  • Quickly switch between Mac and iPhone. Just command-tab

There is much more you can do by combining the power of Type2Phone with that of other utilities on your Mac.

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Paste passwords to your iPhone

In the wake of the recently fixed vulnerability in Apple’s SSL implementation, you may want to change passwords to your mail and web site accounts. You will want to use a different password for each account. And you will want these passwords to be hard to guess.

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