Hidden Gem: New Search – Old Window

In HoudahSpot you can open as many searches – windows or tabs – as you like. Sometimes you end up with more windows than you care for.

You found your file. The search is over. The next search is up. You open a fresh window. But first, you have to close the previous search. But what you actually do is delay housekeeping and clutter your screen with disused HoudahSpot windows.

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Special Offer on DEVONthink

Whether you’re working on a novel, writing a college paper, or preparing a legal case: You collect information from various sources, e.g. the web, specialized databases, or on paper. You organize your collection; you give it a structure; find connections. Finally you process the accumulated knowledge to create something new.

DEVONthink is there for you all the way. DEVONthink is a smart document management solution for Mac. It lets you organize and work with all your documents — bookmarks, email messages, text files, images, PDFs — in one place, regardless where they come from. Continue reading Special Offer on DEVONthink