HoudahSpot icon

Search the current Finder or Path Finder folder

HoudahSpot 4.0 comes with a “droplet” that you can install in the Finder toolbar. This small application can be found from HoudahSpot > Preferences > Advanced. Follow the instructions found there to install as a Finder toolbar item.

Finder toolbar item
HoudahSpot search item installed in the Finder toolbar

When clicked, opens a new HoudahSpot window set to search the folder shown in the current Finder window. You can also drag and drop folders onto the toolbar item to open a new HoudahSpot window configured to search these folders.

If you use CocoaTech’s Path Finder, you should download and install the Search droplet to initiate HoudahSpot searches from the Path Finder toolbar.

  1. Download Search (*)
  2. Move Search to a permanent location
  3. Drag the droplet to the toolbar of a Path Finder browser window

To remove the droplet from the Path Finder toolbar, hold the command key and drag it out of the toolbar.

* If you have installed Path Finder via SetApp, download Search PF