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Change Default Application for File Type

Within HoudahSpot and Tembo, you can open files directly from the search results list. Just double click or select “Open” from the context menu, and the file selected will open in the default application for its file type.

In OS X, you can change the default application for a certain file type by following these steps:

  1. In HoudahSpot or Tembo, select a file of the type for which you want to change the default
  2. Select “Show Info in Finder” from the Results menu (or from the context menu)
  3. In the Finder Info window, go to the “Open With” section. From the pop up menu, select the application you want to become the new default for the file type selected
  4. Click the “Change All…” button right below the pop up menu

From now on, every file of the type selected will open in its new default application.

Change Default Application