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Create Lists of Files. Export Metadata to CSV

Use HoudahSpot to create lists of files. For example, you could create a list of …

  • Photos shot this year. List file name, resolution & path
  • Video files larger than 100 MB. List duration, codec & file size
  • Audio files located outside your iTunes media folder
  • Old files. List date created and date last modified

HoudahSpot can save search results to CSV files. These files can, for example, be imported in Apple Numbers, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets etc. Note that HoudahSpot uses the tab character as separtor beween columns.

File list export screenshot
Export file list to Excel

To create a list of files, do the following:

  1. Search for files using HoudahSpot
  2. Add columns to the results list
  3. Select Save Results as Text File from the File menu

The resulting CSV file will list values for the columns you have enabled in HoudahSpot. There are hundreds of column attributes to choose from: file name, path, modification date, pixel count, codec, tags, title, album, genre, etc.