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CustomShortcuts 1.0 – Free Tool to Customize Menu Shortcuts

Are you using the same menu item over and again? Are you always reaching for the mouse because that menu item has no keyboard shortcut?

Are there keyboard shortcuts you simply can’t remember? Have you noticed that a key shortcut that might be easy to reach on a US keyboard layout requires two hands on your keyboard?
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Wouldn’t it be great if you could customize keyboard shortcuts?

You can. Most Mac applications allow you to define custom keyboard shortcuts. This gem of a feature has been hiding in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts.

We have given many a HoudahSpot and HoudahGeo customer instructions for adding keyboard shortcuts to their favorite menu items. Sadly detailed instructions are needed. The process of setting up keyboard shortcuts is rather fiddly.

Introducing: CustomShortcuts 1.0

CustomShortcuts makes adding your own shortcuts a lot easier, even fun.

Use CustomShortcuts to add keyboard shortcuts to menu items in most Mac applications.

  • Assign custom keyboard shortcuts to Mac menu items
  • Auto-completion helps you navigate menu hierarchies
  • It makes sure you get menu titles exactly right
  • CustomShortcuts checks for ambiguous menu items
  • Copy & paste shortcuts between applications

Most Mac applications support user-defined keyboard shortcuts. CustomShortcuts makes it easy to add your own shortcuts.

Download CustomShortcuts for free.

Watch the ScreencastsOnline video tutorial.

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