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Tag photos managed by iPhoto or Aperture

Do you use iPhoto or Aperture to import photos from your camera? No problem. You can still use HoudahGeo to tag your photos.

HoudahGeo integrates tightly with iPhoto and Aperture. You can browse your photo libraries using HoudahGeo. To geotag photos, drag them from the sidebar into the Images list of your HoudahGeo project.

HoudahGeo offers many ways to geocode your photos. You can, for example, have HoudahGeo automatically assign locations from a GPS track logger. The third party gps4cam pro app lets you use your phone as a GPS track logger. What’s even better is that it makes setting the correct camera clock time a breeze.

Once your photos are geocoded, you will want to export the GPS coordinates to EXIF / XMP tags. HoudahGeo can write those directly to the master / original files managed by Aperture / iPhoto.

Next you will want HoudahGeo to notify iPhoto and Aperture about the updated metadata. Your photos will then show their locations in iPhoto / Aperture Places.

GPS data is now readily available in iPhoto / Aperture. It is also safely embedded as future-proof EXIF / XMP tags within your JPEG or RAW image files.

Get gps4cam pro from the iTunes App Store.