Copy File Search Results as Tab Delimited Text

This post refers to HoudahSpot 3. The same general ideas apply to HoudahSpot 4.

HoudahSpot makes it easy to create detailed queries to find the exact files you are looking for. You can preview found files, open them, etc.

HoudahSpot also provides options to work with the list of results. You may want to:

For this purpose, you copy search results as text using one of the following items of the Edit menu:

  • Copy as Tab Delimited Values
  • Copy Display Names
  • Copy File Paths

The Copy File Paths option is self-explanatory. It copies the file paths of the selected search results to the clipboard: one path per line.

The Copy Display Names option works in much the same way. Display names may or may not match file names. E.g. names message files using sequential numbers. It hands Spotlight the message subject to use as display name.

The Copy as Tab Delimited Values option writes text that follows the same structure and format as the results list in HoudahSpot. Add or rearrange columns and set date and time formats to adjust the format of the text output.

Tab delimited text can be pasted into a text editor, word processor, email client or spreadsheet application. The spreadsheet will fill one row per file and one cell / column per attribute.