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Geotag your photos automatically – part 1

Vacation time is coming! Wherever your travels will take you: You will, for sure, be taking a lot of pictures.

Sandy beach with two sunbeds

But: If your camera is not equipped with a built-in GPS, your pictures will lack location information. You could geotag these images by hand. This can be a lot of work and quite time-consuming. So, how can you add geotags more easily to your photos?

In a three-part series of blog posts, we will explore three options HoudahGeo offers to automate your photo geocoding process.

Part 1 – Geocoding from reference photos

While your regular camera might not have a built-in GPS, your smartphone may have. With HoudahGeo’s “Geocode from Reference Photos” feature, you can use geotagged photos e.g. from your smartphone as references to tag images taken with another camera at around the same time:

At each location, take one geotagged picture with your smartphone camera as well as a series of regular photos with your other camera. Then, load both your photos from your smartphone and your camera into a HoudahGeo project. Under “Process”, select “Geocode from Reference Photos”. HoudahGeo will then copy the coordinates from the reference photos to other images taken within the same time frame.

HoudahGeo Window for reference photo geocoding

For more details, consult the HoudahGeo User Guide under Help > HoudahGeo Help.

Geocoding from Reference Photos might be the cheapest and most simple way to get geotags on your pictures. On the other hand, you will be juggling with both your camera and your smartphone.

For more sophisticated geocoding workflows, check out the next blog posts in this series: In part 2, we will explore how you can automate geocoding using the smartphone app gps4cam pro. Part 3 will take a look at geocoding using files from GPS track loggers.