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Photos on a Map in Google Photos

Google Photos has a pretty nice way of displaying your geotagged photos, with a map and other metadata info. In Google Maps, click on the “i” in the menu bar. A sidebar containing information will appear.

Google Photos with Info

This feature is especially nice for sharing photos with family and friends. If you want them to see where your photos were taken, you’ll need to make sure the setting “Remove geo location in items shared by link” is off.

Google Photos Settings

Google Photos does not only allow others to see where the picture was taken, you can also add additional details in the description section. Text added into the description box of iPhoto for example will transfer to the Google Photos when you export and upload your pictures.

If you’d like to check out what the Google Photos picuture, map and metadata presentation looks like, check out my shared album with pictures taken during our recent trip to India.

If your photos are not yet geotagged, use HoudahGeo to tag them in a jiffy.