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Apply Color Tags to Files Using Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

In previous posts, we looked at how using tags can help you organize your files and folders and quickly locate them when they’re needed.

We have already explored the different ways you can use HoudahSpot to tag files. In this post, we will focus on keyboard shortcuts for fast tagging.

Assign and Edit File Tags

In HoudahSpot search results, you can right-click or control-click to reveal the context menu. Above the colored dots that allow for quick access to your favorite tags, you will find the Tags… menu item.

This brings up the tagging pop-over where you can edit tags for the selected results.Tagging multiple files

The tagging pop-over can also be activated using the Results > Tags… menu item. 

HoudahSpot Results menu. Tags…

Results menu: Tags… brings up the tagging pop-over

This menu item has a keyboard shortcut: ⌃⌘T
As always, you can customize this keyboard shortcut.

Within the tagging pop-over, you can start typing the name of the tag you want to use. HoudahSpot will show tags matching what you have typed. Use the arrow keys to select tags from the list of completions. Type Space to separates tag. Press Return or Enter to apply tags to the selected files.

Custom Shortcuts to Add and Remove Tags

Tagging files with one of your frequently used favorite tags is even faster.

Start by setting up your list of favorite tags. You can do so in the Tags tab of the HoudahSpot > Preferences… window. Favorite tags show in the sidebar of your HoudahSpot search windows and come up as suggestions both when searching and when tagging files. The top 7 items of the list also appear as colored dots in the context menu. For each of your favorite tags, you have the option to record a keyboard shortcut. Press the Record Shortcut button next to the tag for which you want a custom keyboard shortcut. Next type the shortcut you want to use.

You can now use your custom shortcut to tag files in the HoudahSpot search results. Select the files you want to tag and press your shortcut.

We have assigned ⌃⌘R as the shortcut for the tag Red. Press ⌃⌘R to assign the tag to all selected files. Press again to remove the tag.

HoudahSpot will add the tag to all selected files as long as any of the selected files are missing the tag matching your shortcut, the tag. When all selected files already have the tag, HoudahSpot will remove the tag from all files.

A single shortcut thus lets you quickly toggle a specific tag.