How-to: Customize the HoudahSpot LaunchBar Action

Objective Development’s LaunchBar is an adaptive app launcher, document browser, and much more.

HoudahSpot is a powerful file search tool. It takes the guesswork out of Spotlight searches and helps you find files hidden deep in the “haystack” of files accumulated over the years.

HoudahSpot 5 includes a LaunchBar action that provides an elegant way to start a HoudahSpot search using LaunchBar. You can install this action from HoudahSpot > Preferences > Extensions.

Screenshot: LaunchBar in action
Start a file search from LaunchBar 6

The action is selected by typing the hs abbreviation in LaunchBar.

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Automate HoudahSpot

This post refers to HoudahSpot 3. There have been major improvements to Apple Script and URL actions in HoudahSpot 4. Please refer to the User Guide for details.

HoudahSpot integrates nicely with your automated workflows. Use the custom URL scheme to start HoudahSpot searches from third party tools like LaunchBar and Alfred. Use AppleScript to access search results and build more advanced workflows.

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