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Geotag your photos automatically – part 2

In part 1 of this blog post series, we looked at how you can use your GPS enabled smartphone to get geotags on your regular camera pictures. There is, however, a more sophisticated way to put your smartphone to use. It’s an app called gps4cam pro.

Part 2 – Geocoding using the smartphone app gps4cam

gps4cam is a smartphone app that, while running, writes down were you’re going. Thereby, it generates a track log file that HoudahGeo can use to geocode your pictures.

Just instruct gps4cam on your smart device to start a new trip when you head off. At the end, have gps4cam display a QR code. With your camera, take a picture of this QR code screen. Then, feed all your photos into HoudahGeo. On the “Load” screen, go to “Camera Setup” and select the 3rd tab (gps4cam). Select the picture of the gps4cam QR code. HoudahGeo will automatically geocode your pictures using the gps4cam track log.

HoudahGeo's tab for gps4cam setup

The QR code also helps HoudahGeo figure out camera clock setup so it can match photo timestamps to the track log.

For more details, consult the HoudahGeo User Guide under Help > HoudahGeo Help.

Part 3 of this blog post series will take a look at geocoding using track log files from GPS track loggers.