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Geotagging for Apple Photos 2.0

The newly released macOS 10.12 Sierra includes a major update to the Apple Photos application. In Photos 2.0, the Places feature makes a comeback. The Places album lets you explore your photos on a beautiful world map. The new Memories feature also includes a map showing where the photos in the collection where taken.

Being able to organize and find photos by location is one of the best reasons to geotag all your photos.

Starting with Photos 2.0, it is now possible for HoudahGeo to update places information in the Photos library. This allows you to use the many options HoudahGeo offers for geocoding to add locations to photos in your library.

The workflow outlined below requires HoudahGeo 5.1 and Apple Photos 2.0 running on macOS Sierra.

  1. Browse your Photos library using HoudahGeo to select the images you want to geotag.
  2. Geocode your photos. Try automatic geocoding using a GPS track log or incremental geocoding using the built-in map.
  3. Export geotags to standard EXIF / XMP metadata within the original image files. Just the same as if the images had been tagged by a GPS-enabled camera.
  4. Notify Apple Photos of the updated location information.
  5. Location information now appears in Photos. It is also permanently bonded to your original photo files.