ScreenCastsOnline: HoudahGeo Video Tutorial

Todd Olthoff of ScreenCastsOnline takes you on a tour of HoudahGeo 5.

HoudahGeo is an application that streamlines adding location and other metadata to your files. The best part is that it writes that information to the files themselves instead of the library’s catalog.

Todd walks you through the various ways to get photos into HoudahGeo and then covers all of the geocoding and metadata options. You also will learn how to add metadata to the files and share them with outside libraries. Exporting that added information to other services that read them is covered in the last section of the show.

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Geotagging for Apple Photos 2.0

The newly released macOS 10.12 Sierra includes a major update to the Apple Photos application. In Photos 2.0, the Places feature makes a comeback. The Places album lets you explore your photos on a beautiful world map. The new Memories feature also includes a map showing where the photos in the collection where taken.

Being able to organize and find photos by location is one of the best reasons to geotag all your photos.

Starting with Photos 2.0, it is now possible for HoudahGeo to update places information in the Photos library. This allows you to use the many options HoudahGeo offers for geocoding to add locations to photos in your library.

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Select App to Launch When Connecting a Camera

Connecting a camera, a memory card, or your iPhone to your Mac usually triggers the launch of a photography related application like iPhoto, Apple Photos, Aperture, or Lightroom.

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Keeping Geotags When Dragging Images From Apple Photos

If you’re dragging geotagged images from Apple’s Photos application, there’s a setting you need to enable if you wish to share your photos’ locations. Otherwise, your pictures’ geoinformation will be stripped from the files. Continue reading Keeping Geotags When Dragging Images From Apple Photos

Geotag photos for the Apple Photos application

This post no longer applies to Apple Photos 2.0 under macOS 10.12 Sierra. HoudahGeo 5.1 can now add location information to photos in the Photos library.

The most common workflow for geotagging photos with HoudahGeo is:

  1. Import photos into iPhoto or Aperture
  2. Geocode the photos using HoudahGeo
  3. Write geotags to the original image files
  4. Notify iPhoto or Aperture of the newly added geotags

The new Apple Photos application lacks the programmatic interface needed for HoudahGeo to notify it of changes made to geotags.

Until this issue is resolved, we recommend that you geotag your photos before importing them into the Photos library.

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